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It borders to the east with Arkansas and Missouri, to the north with Kansas, to the northwest with Colorado, to the west with New Mexico and to the south with Texas.

There are both good news and bad news about the 2018 real estate market in Oklahoma. While the state does not seem to have the same difficulties with the decline in housing available as other states do, the Oklahoma real estate market will have its share of problems in the coming months. To find out if it's the right time to sell the family home or look for properties for sale in Oklahoma you can consult this article.

The Oklahoma real estate market received a lot of good news in November 2017, when sales of new homes increased by 17.5%. That was the break that the sales market needed for a long time. New houses were being sold before they were built. And according to the Wall Street Journal, the nation was enjoying the special effects of a strong real estate market at the time.

Homeowners who are looking to sell in 2018 still have the chances in their favour as the demand for available homes is still very high. This allows sellers to have more buyers interested in their properties for sale in Oklahoma that provide them with a higher final selling price than usual.

But we must also analyze the negative side of the real estate market in Oklahoma in 2018.

With so much good news in the housing sector, it can be hard to imagine that the real estate market can suffer at the same time. There is to be considered the increase in mortgage interest rates.

Potential buyers may be more inclined to buy a home now that there are more basic properties available in Oklahoma. But interest rates are expected to increase again by the end of the year, causing many of these buyers to withdraw because home loans become less manageable for their budgets.

The increase in interest rates will affect both buyers and sellers’ markets. If you plan to buy or sell within the next few months, it would be in your interest to start looking for property for sale in Oklahoma soon.

While interest rates are expected to increase across the country by the end of 2018, they are currently still relatively low. Buyers should take benefit of this advantage before it's too late.

This run to beat the feared high interest rates could lead the Oklahoma real estate market to see a significant increase in sales over the coming months. It could also make the demand for affordable housing options much higher, as less expensive properties are likely to be sold first.

If next year's events prove to be effective for the Oklahoma real estate market, January 2019 should be the start of another promising year with many new homeowners in the country.

In Oklahoma, the estimated value of homes has increased by 4.7% over the last year.

If you are looking for property for sale in Oklahoma its culture and lifestyle are the dominant factors in choice.

It is the nation's 19th largest state in terms of area, Sooner's state has 38 federal-recognized American Indian tribes, including the Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Creek and Seminole nations. These tribes have inhabited the south-eastern United States before they were forcibly transferred to what is now Oklahoma during the "Trail of Tears", the federal government's "Indian Removal" initiative in the early XIX century. Today, with more than 7% of the state's more than 3.8 million, Oklahoma has the 4th highest percentage of American Indians in the country.

There is no such statistic for cowboys, but they are also an important influence on the state. When they were not working, these cowboys competed in rodeos, which are still part of the state's sporting culture nowadays. Oklahoma City (OKC) annually hosts the International Finals Rodeo (IFR), the National Cowboy and the Western Heritage Museum and the world's largest indoor rodeo arena in January, the Lazy E Arena in the village of Guthrie.

At the beginning of 2016, the median household income in Oklahoma saw about 16% of the population living below the poverty line. 73% of Oklahoma are white, 9% Hispanic, 7% are American Indian, 7% are black, 7% are multiracial and 1% are Asian. The largest state university, the University of Oklahoma in the suburb of Norman, Oklahoma, has more than 21,000 students and was ranked 108th among the national universities.

Since Oklahoma is one of the five major producers of natural gas in the nation, the economy and the labour market often fluctuate along with energy trends.

The main cities where it is preferable to look for properties for sale in Oklahoma are the capital and Tulsa. Located in the centre of the state, Oklahoma City, OKC, the capital and the largest city in the state, has a population of over 1.3 million inhabitants.

Oklahoma City properties are among the most expensive in Oklahoma, although the values of Oklahoma City houses are not comparable to the more expensive properties in the United States.

Less than two hours to the northeast, the second largest city, Tulsa, has more than 960.00 people per km² in its metropolitan area. Yet much of the rest of the state is rural, giving the state as a whole the 15th density of the country's lowest population.

Thanks in part to its practical real estate costs, Oklahoma had the 4th lowest cost of living in the United States in 2015, with below-average prices for each category, including public services, health care and food.

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